Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Once Again Marhaba !

'Shukran' for the honest sharing ,Aju bro.
I am not writing anything this time around, will let a song do the talking .I found it on God Tube.Loved it!

Inspiring short film with music by John Mayer sang by Boyce Avenue.
I loved this song and video when I first saw it.I understand that if we dont say what's in our heart we most certainly have lost that precious chance.This is what I am experiencing currently in my life , Just cant say what I need to say to my loving near & dear ones.

Hopefully this song inspires me and You !
Atleast inspire you all to find some time & share your 'discoveries' in this blog .

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Marhaba !! and many many Shukrans

Hi everybody!!

i just stumbled upon this blog today morning .. And what a blessed morning this was!!
i was feeling quite irritated and out of touch with God( thats what was causing the irritation I guess!) and very far away.. and got surfing!!

I ended up in Orkutland staring at Jacobs page .. thats where I discovered JY discovery ...hours later ..I was in tears reading about your discoveries of Gods love in your own little ways ..
Of course i wasn't crying for u guys!!! it was just that I was so powerfully reminded of Our Fathers love when i relived your discoveries!!

Thank you very much!!! As Thomson wrote in the last post, lets share the experiences ....of a God who loves us so unconditionally and passionately that its beyond our understanding of love.

I've been in the desert for sometime now!! (pun intended) and your sharings will keep me (& others like me) nourished .. reminding us of the Lords unbelieveable love for us!!

God bless .. will be posting more here.. BTW, "Marhaba" means "Hi" and "Shukran" as you would have rightly guessed "thank you"...