Thursday, November 27, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Wind and the Heat Package Part 2

Sometime back I had posted an analogy of heat and wind representing  the troubles  and the consolation of the holy spirit in our lives. .But that was summer then and now winter adds some more thoughts to it.

I have been thinking(&experiencing) after the post: Isn't it possible that I may not always receive the cooling and comforting wind in my heated situations of life? If so Why? I have felt many times its not in my hands to open the windows to let the spirit in eventhough i would like to.

IMG_0002 As the winter is getting tough now I find that its not possible to open the windows because of the freezing cold wind .Infact the closed windows with the sunlight shining inside and the cool breeze staying outside helps the indoors to be warmer.

Isn't it the reason why many times God withholds the consolation of the Holy spirit from us temporarily? To warm up our indoors? -the indoors of our hearts which have become cold and tepid with the comforts of the world.

So in moments where it seems that the master of the house has closed the windows of the cool breeze  isn't it possible that He has closed it with a purpose? - a reminder for me to warm up -warm up  to my first love. (Rev Ch 1)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do it anyway

I've always had this "thing" of asking myself "Why am I doing this? " "will somebody even care?"
"Will this succeed ?".

As a result, many of my ideas and initiatives never come into being.

Of recent, one insight I've recurringly had is that I need to do the right thing. No matter what.
Even if no one is looking, even if no one appreciates, even if I need to pay a price for it.

This quote attributed to Mother Theresa hit this nail on my head again. Click on the image above to read the quote.

Just do it !!