Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do it anyway

I've always had this "thing" of asking myself "Why am I doing this? " "will somebody even care?"
"Will this succeed ?".

As a result, many of my ideas and initiatives never come into being.

Of recent, one insight I've recurringly had is that I need to do the right thing. No matter what.
Even if no one is looking, even if no one appreciates, even if I need to pay a price for it.

This quote attributed to Mother Theresa hit this nail on my head again. Click on the image above to read the quote.

Just do it !!


Suman said...

Could you provide me some words of Mother Teresa?

Aju Abraham Thomas said...

What words are u looking for ?

Joji said...

Aju, your posts are always beautiful. Hope you would post more often.

I have posted some quotes from Mother Theresa