Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The parable of the lost sheep - What it did for me

I was reading Fr.Bobby Jose kattikatt's book "Sancharikalude Daivam" a Malayalam publication, the name meaning "The God of the Travelers", a beautiful book that really touched me. In the book he talks about the parable of the lost sheep in a wonderful way. He identifies himself with the lost sheep. That started me also off. I read the parable of the lost sheep from both Mathew and Luke and it started off a beautiful train of thoughts. It really applied to my present condition of being down and stressed out and trying to come out of it, not really been able to feel the love of the lord in a tangible way. I loved Mathews rendition of it more.

I really felt the love of my Lord, the Lord who left the 99 and came in search of me the lost one. I was really the lost sheep in the thorns, lost painfully injured, desperately looking for my Lords help. I felt him taking me up gently, untangling me from the thorns, his loving touch on my wounds. Have you ever felt the safety of the loving arms of the savior after the long drawn loneliness, struggle and exhaustion ? Its a wonderful experience. It felt really wonderful to snuggle up to the warmth of his love. It was overwhelming. As I snuggled up to his heart I could hear the gentle beating of his heart. A heart beating out its rhythm of love for me.

He lifted me on to his shoulders,he was so careful and loving I cannot describe. On his shoulder I laid my weary head. I could rest after a long time, weariness overtook me. I was safe in my Shepherds love, all the pains and wounds forgotten. His loving caresses soothing away the pains. His healing hands on my deep wounds, oh how wonderful it felt. I knew when i woke up tomorrow, the pain would come back. It would hurt me for some time, even to walk, but I still would be back in my beloved shepherd's pen. I could look forward to his loving presence. I could look forward to his loving caresses. It was enough for me. Any pain I can endure, any wound would heal with his tender care.

Even though there were 99 of his beloved sheep there, just imagine, he left all the 99 and came for me, the one who ran away, and he found me, that is enough for me. I snuggled up more to his warmth, more to his love. Let me rest, and enjoy the warmth of his love.

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