Monday, October 20, 2008

Reading the Bible Unconventionally

All of us read Bible differently I guess. Some would prefer to read cover to cover, by books of the bible, random readings or following the daily readings of the liturgy and so on. Haven't you got lost in the historical details that you come across in your daily readings?..not able to connect between the books..loosing the thread of connection.

I was introduced by a nun to a Bible study program by Jeff Cavins, an EWTN host and a lay catholic evangelist in America who returned to the Catholic Church after being a Protestant Pastor.The Program called the Great Adventure ( focuses on 'getting the big picture' of the Bible. Bible's 73 books are grouped by literary style rather than chronologically. Jeff introduces the 14 chronological books which gives the historical picture of the whole bible from Genesis to the Church.By contiguously reading thru these 14 books one will have read thru the entire bible historically with a sense of continuity.The remaining 59 books can be read in the context of these chronological books. For eg: Psalms should be read in the context of 2 samuel and Malachi with Nehemiah.He suggests that after one has read thru these 14 books once then one should go back  and read the non-chronological books in the historical context.

Many times people end up frustrated trying to read thru the whole Bible losing interest in between. In most cases this is because they are trying to make their way thru one of the non-chronological books like Leviticus.Jeff has made a plan that guides the reader thru these 14 books in about 3months by reading 4 chapters a day.

I have tried to put a link to my study notes if anyone is interested. Reading  the 14 books(Gen,exod, num,josh,judg,1&2 sam,1&2 kings, Ezra, Neh, 1Mac, Luke &Acts) 4 chapters a day could be  a foundation course in biblical history for us in this Year of the Word! Hurry up, just two and a half months left!

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