Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Wind & The Heat Package

IMG_0147 As the day was getting hotter with the Sun shining through the closed window, cursing the heat ,I felt like opening the window.Wow, much to my relief, the cool breeze took away with it my frustrations.I guess many of us would have had this daily experience. The window when it was closed, just let the Heat in and when it was opened it also let in the Wind which made things easier.I didn't know (with the windows closed) it came as a Package -the Wind was there with the Heat!

Isn't this the way the Ruhah or Pneuma (Wind-Holy Spirit ) works in our lives? At first sight when the Heat (the troubles) comes into our lives we experience only the Heat of it but when we decide to OPEN the windows to let the Wind in it becomes a different experience! The cool breeze just takes away the Heat and lets us relax amidst all the Heat around us.

Lord help us to look out for the Wind which accompanies(or follows)the Heat of our lives!

John 3:8 The wind it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.



Aju Abraham Thomas said...

Absolutely brilliant in its simplicity ..God bless you Cheta

Joji said...

Joe chachan .. Wonderful. Dont even think of stopping. Continue .. God has given you the gift of reflecting on the profound truths from the simple facts of life..

Love and Prayers joji

Anna said...

Joe chacha :) that was awesome!!! praise the Lord... that's hope for our bouts of hopelessness!
its like prayer is ~us opening the window :)