Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Blood that reminds....

Today looks like I  got out of the wrong side of the bed! My little one too was cranky. He  insisted on going to the balcony in the chilly wind outside. As he persisted I just put him angrily in the balcony. No sooner had I put him over there I found him standing in a mini pool of blood with a small wound on his little foot - I guess must have scratched somewhere in the balcony. My emotions are difficult to explain but its anybody's guess. The sight of the blood  made a deep impression in my mind.I was full of compassion for the poor little fellow as I kissed him a thousand times.

That reminded me of the Father God who looks at the Blood of his Son! I know He is a much better Father, beyond comparison and am sure He didn't put His Son into the world the way I put my little one into the balcony. By the way, is He too guilty of putting His Son's life at risk? But,  I guess  He would be looking at the Precious Blood the way I looked at my son's blood. He would have had an everlasting impression of this Blood in His heart too! He would say 'No, Never again! I pardon! This Blood is too valuable for Me! He would be filled with Compassion and Forgiveness. min-nailed-to-cross

Lets keep reminding the Father about the Precious Blood of His Son. Litany of the Precious Blood

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Anna said...

i'm speechless... dont want to spoil the moment by commenting ...

there's a song by philips,craig n dean
"how gr8 the Father's love for us,how vast beyond all measure,that He should give His only Son and make a wretch His treasure.
how gr8 the pain of searing loss, the Father turns His face away,as wounds which mar the Chosen one,bring many sons to glory...."