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Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Mary (Saint Thomas Aquinas).

I just happened to read this article and thought it would be interesting to look into ourselves and ask Mama for what we lack.


1.Gift of Fear







Finding in the Temple


Wedding at Cana


"Who is my mother?"



1.In the Annunciation the Archangel frees Mary from her fright so as to bless her with the holy fear of the lord. For the Holy spirit's gift of Fear disposes us to reverence God and to be completely devoted to him. As Mary proclaims, "God's Mercy is from age to age on those who fear him". Fear of the lord is a kind of foundation on which the other gifts are built and is the beginning of wisdom(Ps 111:10). It is not a matter of 'servile' fear -the fear of one who obeys the master because of punishment - but a 'filial' fear- the fear a good son should have about ever losing his relationship with his father.

2.In the Visitation and in the Magnificat Mary manifests the Spirit's gift of Piety that prepares God's people to be promptly responsive in a special way to the divine inspirations he sends. Real Piety is a virtue that governs our behaviour at all times and not only when we are engaged in prayer, worship and other acts of religious devotion.

3.The gift of knowledge provides sure and correct judgement about the things of faith, in differentiating between what is and is not consistent with the faith. In presenting Jesus to the temple and making the offering 'in accord with the law of the lord' Mary manifests the gift of knowledge . This also blesses Mary with new knowledge from the words of Simeon and Anna.

4.The gift of Fortitude enables us to stand our ground amidst dangers. Through the event of losing Jesus in the temple Mary is being prepared for the even more gruelling experience of the cross.

5.Counsel is reasoned inquiry that leads us to deliberate action. Mary's words of counsel lead the waiters to her Son and the Gift of Counsel leads us also to Jesus.

6.In the incident where Jesus asks "Who is my mother?" Jesus enlightens the crowd of their need to reach beyond their own preset notions, conceptions and prejudices to certain deeper truths that only the Holy Spirit can reveal.

7."Near the cross of Jesus there stood his mother'(Jn:19:25 )How could Mary endure to witness the agony of her son? Wisdom empowered her to witness this passion. The wise person is one who considers the ultimate cause of things and uses it to judge other things with certainty. Despite the suffering of the passion, this gift enabled the blessed mother to see beyond the anguish to the ultimate cause and the ultimate need for her Son to die for sinners.

Source: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit According to St.Thomas Aquinas by Fr. Peter John Cameron,O.P.

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

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