Saturday, January 24, 2009

Will I love God when all is gone!!!

Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Toys, Clothes, Shoes, Colour pencils. All these were mine before I was introduced to God. God to me was a force that protected me and my belongings from any visible and invisible harm. Also the one who gave me more. A generous source that supplied my need and greed.

Today as a grown up man, God looks after all my material possessions, my bike, my car, my house, office, wife, children and their toys and off course my well -being and self-esteem. When any of these things are shaky and are at risk or I need more, I would want to renew and refresh my relationship with this God, may be attend a retreat, go for a counseling or say extra prayers so that I continue enjoy this security and be given more!

Will I love God when all is gone!!!

I have tried to imagine me without my wife, children, parents, processions not even a place to lay my head for a night. Totally stripped off everything that gave me an identity here.

Now-God remains only as “knowledge”. I’m aware that there is God but that’s it, nothing more!

The man who found something precious buried in a land, sells literally everything he had and buys that small piece of land. He is willing and daring to lose everything to posses Jesus.

Blessed are the poor in spirit. (A heart that has all the room for Jesus and which is not preoccupied by things of the world)

For where your wealth is, there your heart will be also

I think I should have earned it in the reverse order starting with an inerasable realization that I’m a child of God the father who is madly in love with me. and a completely contented life with my heavenly father as my only procession. Later on receive everything from God to be a temporary manager, always conscious that all of it belongs to HIM.

Look at the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, they do not toil or till yet the heavenly father feeds them. How much more would He be not concerned about me.

Lord I need you and you alone! In you have my being, my identity, my purpose and a life eternal…


Thomson Mathew said...

Jacob bro....could you explain more - what does Jesus mean by saying 'Blessed are the poor in spirit the kingdom of God belongs to them'!

jekob said...

Thomson, Blessed are the poor in spirit, as I understand is to be completely detached everything that we possess or need that would otherwise occupy our thoughts and actions. I feel, when the mind does not worry about the day to day needs and concerns, it can be completely be occupied with God. God can reign our thoughts and actions above all other things. hope it helps. Jacob

Joji said...

Blessed are you Jacob who found your hearts content in God. I wish I could do that every time. I have to often really search through the rubble and knick knacks in my heart to find his presence. How wonderful it would have been if it was His abode and every thing arranged around Him for his glory. :-).