Saturday, February 27, 2010

A few thoughts at the start of Lent

Another Lent has come by. As the usual practice on every lent, I prepared for the ritual of abstaining from non vegetarian food. It has been a ritual that has been part of my life from early adulthood that it is not so difficult a ritual and almost devoid of significance. This set me thinking on what this Lent should be for me.

The reading on Ash Wednesday started me off. I had read it many times, usually the scenes of temptations are the ones that catch my attention, but this time it was Jesus's retreat into to the desert. For Jesus, it was a time to start his public ministry and the spirit led him to the desert. In the silence and loneliness of the desert he communed with his father. He was strengthened by this time of 40 days in the desert for the ministry that he was about to start. So for me also the 40 days of lent became Gods invitation to be with him, so that I too may be strengthened for the year ahead for me. It became an invitation to be with Him and alone in his presence.

So at the start of this lent I accept his loving invitation to be in communion with him in the silence of my heart and the loneliness of my soul. As I enter this time of communion, like Jesus left companionship, the comforts of his home, the comforts of food and drink, so that he could be in complete communion with his father, I too, as I enter this beautiful time of retreating to Gods presence, leave behind all that would keep me away from this communion with God. My sins that would keep me away from him, my little habits that are not sinful in themselves, but would take away my time with God. I leave my little enjoyments as a humble sacrifice to my loving god and go in search of his love. I don't know how I will fare in the loneliness of the desert. I don't know how I will stay away from the allure of the my little "comforts". I don't know if I will be faithful to the search for his love. I don't even know how and where to search for him.

But I have decided to embark on the journey that this call entails. I know this is a journey that my God asks of me. I know he is looking forward to this time of communion, much more than my heart desires. So I leave all my "baggage" at the edge of the desert and go forth into the desert where I hope I will find my God and come back strengthened. Pray for me friends, my prayers and wishes are with you .. God bless ...

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