Friday, January 11, 2008

Love Beyond Borders

Dear all , Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ-the only saviour on record to have promised of eternal life.Am pleased to blog after a long break.I am happy today coz I discover today that I am not the laziest person, their are many more around here (Did you know - the last person to blog here happens to be myself !).
So I wish & pray that all may wake up soon from their deep sleep to get some thoughts flying here;Just a thought -What if St.Paul felt the need to take a break from writing the letters ?What if St.paul missed expressing His opinions due to long travels? What if I failed to tell my Jesus experience due to my busy work?what if......?
Enough of my Philosophical deadlines , let me come to what I felt like sharing here .
Last few months have been quite low with me spiritually.I have been missing my prayer groups, cell,fellowship and meetings.Just finding it as a seriously tedious task to find some balance between work and life.Please do pray for me and all my colleagues around the world with the same issues !
But the main highlight of the year that went by was SAC'07 .I am glad that I am a JY.
I am glad that I am a catholic and above all I am glad to know that I am chosen by Christ Himself to share His Love & Peace.
SAC-South Asian Conference was an eye opener.I am not in the minority ,I am in the majority of people who have accepted Jesus as their saviour. Love Beyond Borders - what a beautiful phrase......I was able to find my own borders which prevented me from sharing Christ with others.
If you have any experience please do share .Whats your take on year 2007 ? What do you hope for in year 2008 ?
C'mmon all sleeping beauties ! he he . . .

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Joji said...

Just to tell you that, one of the real sleeping BEAUTIES does wake up once in a while. I will try to wake up more often and write more. Thanks for that beautiful sharing, I also was there for a day and loved it. What I thought wonderful was the sharing/open house with the bishops and what hopes and beautiful thoughts they treasured about the youth and jesus youth. it was a wonderful experience for me too. Just like your experience was, but in a different way.

Convey my regards to Sharon..