Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Discovering God in Sharon !

Dear blogging family, thomachan is back ! looks like none are blogging much these days ...anyway let me wake up !

I was busy all these days mailing people so just couldnt find enough time blogging , but was greatly inspired by the sharing of joji chettan alias Jose IBM ( I wander what He thinks when people call Him so, He has a beautiful surname-Thomas).

I am here to share an experience that I had with my guardian angels (I believe that I have two so I use the plurals).Guardian angels as mysterious as they sound to be was just part of my catholic fantasy stories few months back.I never took their existence seriously not that I have seen them now to believe but rather I have experienced God through them.
I remember few years back Fr.Tom SDB asking me to give a name to my guardian angel.I never thought much on that but still gave a name -SHARON......(you have all rights to guess where the name has its inspiration from..)

Never did I realize that Sharon would take her name so seriously ! I have one more guardian angel called 'Kitty' named just few weeks back (sorry couldnt invite you all for the naming ceremony....lol)
let me share my experience where My dear guardian angels helped me !
After joining my work I have been meeting people from different walks of life , from different cultures..etc...Not all are so comfortable to be easily accustomed to.I was not in good terms with one particular colleague of mine not that we had any differences some how through many days we fell into an habit of not talking to each other even if we are standing face to face , we dont talk ! (feels strange ..somehow).This distancing of heart between each other led to an undercurrent of discomfort in the presence of each other.I never was able to build any sort of normal relationship with this person but on the other hand I was able to build some amazing rappo with other colleagues of mine , so hardly made any special attempt to change the scheme of things .
But one day it struck me that I was not called to have this kinda attitude I had to go and speak up .I decided to approach this person and on an opportune time went up and spoke but if I go strictly by the response it was not opportune enough I guess.Things had gone too far , maybe !
So I thought to myself 'I have done my bit to improve the situation ,what more can I do' !
Now let me talk about the hero rather heroine of this story 'Sharon'.Few days after the slack response while I was speaking to my Hindu friend of mine about some stuff..topic of guardian angels popped up .I told her that I have a guardian angel, even she has one , infact all have one no one realizes their presence.She couldnt actually digest this fact , I told her that they doe exist and are send by God to help us .I continued telling her that guardian angels help you in different ways ......at that instant of time it flashed me that I could take the help 'Sharon' to talk to my angry colleague ..My hindu friend was eager to know whether 'Sharon' can do it ...somehow i was convinced ,I told that next week you will see the difference.....I did inturn take it very seriously , I seeked the help from 'Sharon'.
Guess what...to the disbelief of my Hindu friend/colleague things worked out dramatically with my angry colleague ......this person who hardly responded to my morning wishes,replied back nicely the very next week itself ..........things have started to be smooth since then....some kinda normalcy has set in our relationship.......I donno still how seriously my Hindu friend takes it..but I know she was literally surprised to see how people who hardly spoke for months , started speaking !
I know that my dear guardian angels helped to build that Bridge of Love !
O guardian angel who is in the presence of the HOLY ONE......thank you for your dear prayers ..continue to pray for me..be my guide..protect me from all evil.....be my strength..help me experience the true Love of our Lord God Jesus !

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Joji said...

Thomson, I want to reiterate that I love my surname and would preffer that to be attached rather than the current one :-). But what to do the current one has stuck.

I love the name Sharon too. I will keep it in mind when we have our next little angel .. And I will have to give my sweet guardian angel a name too ..

Thanks for the wonderful sharing ..