Wednesday, December 17, 2008

'The Middle C'

As my daughter has started learning her Piano lessons I too am getting interested (though my past history in music lessons has been disastrous).

I just noticed that they call the middle key of the keyboard as the Middle C (the musical note C) and the Holy spirit tells me it must be right. MPj03853850000[1] The 'C' appears to me as  Christ, the Christ who is the Centre of the Universe. No wonder He is at the Centre of the Musical notes too. Isn't it beautiful that the same C stands among the centuries dividing them into AD and BC? St Paul asks us vehemently to keep Christ at the Centre of our lives throughout the epistles.

That makes me think what is at the Centre of the keyboard of my life. Is it the Middle C ? (or is it a 'D' ? D has always warned  me of the Dangerous Distractions the Devil can bring us into our lives Deviating us gradually into Death.) Its not enough for  the Middle C to be anywhere in the Keyboard; it has to be in the Middle. From the centre the C would make melodies( if not tragedies?) for sure.

Phil 1:21 For to me  life means Christ!


THE REBEL said...

your terminology is simply ridiculous..

if D is for devil, i got something for F also

Joji said...

Dear Rebel,
I don't know whether you will ever comeback to read this reply to your post. When I read your post, I saw a bit of the old me in you. It was great to see the passion with which you reacted. I too was rebel at one point in time, but albeit one with out a cause.I met a fantastic revolutionary who lived much before me and was captivated by Him and continue to be captivated by him. His was a revolutionary message then and continues to be today. To be consumed by the revolution of love and to rebel against all the structures that stand against it. I still love and cherish the rebel who walked before me. I wish and pray that may you also have the encounter with the rebel who walked this land 2000 years ago and still can capture your heart and imagination like no other.

A fellow rebel joji