Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Wind and the Heat Package Part 3

Let me first of all apologize for repeating the some themes but this time let me put the blame on Fr Raniero Cantalamessa's first advent sermon  for provoking this post.


Fr Cantalamessa, the papal preacher in his sermon to the Pope and the Ruman curia makes a passing reference : "St.Paul does not want to be for us only a winter sun that illuminates but does not warm. The obvious intention of his letters is to lead readers not only to the knowledge of but also to love and passion for Christ." 

Isn't it  true? As we grow in the knowledge of Christ, the Church and  become experts in our common spiritual language do we tend to miss this love and passion?  Like the winter sun who fools us by the bright light( but as you step outside you would be freezing) we too are at risk of being fooled by our knowledge of Christ.

This Advent lets welcome Christ with the warmth, the love and passion from our hearts and not just with the light of our intellects.


Joji said...

As usual simple and beautiful..

Love joji

Anna said...

here's an idea- on how to fool the winter sun :) you know how if we hold a magnifying lens in the sunlight the rays get concentrated at a point and if we keep a paper there that paper gets burnt? So also we can focus the rays of every quality of Jesus that our intellect has grasped, onto our heart ,with the magnifying lens of our thought life :)