Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do we need to set the time & place 4 God to act??

Well! I was just thinking of my experiences of Jesus and would like to share one which really struck me.

This was at the time when I was working in sales in Kerala some 3 yrs back. After a days, hard work, I was tired, drained out and had to travel from Cochin to Trivandrum. It was also a period when i was really struggling in my prayer life, in the sense I never felt like praying and was often away from the Lord.

hmmm.. Well! I got onto a train, took a sleeper coach, even though the distance was not that long and fell asleep instantly. Couple of hours later I got up and to my surprise, found that the train was still at Cochin! as there was some problem on the line. Strangely I did not feel sad. Actually I was feeling very happy. And an important thing happened, I started to experience a lot of joy and happiness suddenly. Now there was no reason for it, but my heart was so light and I started whistling and singing. Thankfully there were very few people in the coach, else they might have thought this fellow was nuts!

Now the reason for me feeling this was awesome is bcos, I had been feeling pretty low during that week, and I was thinking maybe it was time I went for a retreat so that i could experience God again like before. But God just surprised me by letting me experience His Love and Joy that evening in a half empty, coach of a very delayed train!

I guess i don't have to set the place and time to meet God, He does the setting part every moment of our lives. we just have to discover it!

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Thomson Mathew said...

Rahul bhai ...great personal thoughts...looking at all the sharing and what I have heard people share ...I am convinced that 'train' is the favourite mode of transport for God.Donno why many great people have had some amazing encounters with Christ on trains & also a great place for evangelization(silent & otherwise).
I am goin to kerala by train soon...may be a post is waiting !HAHA....Praise God !
thanks Rahul !