Saturday, October 13, 2007

giving life for others

dear friends, greetings from mathenachan. let me break my long silence. a few days back i discovered a new way of saying homiliy. the reading of the day was about Jesus bringing the widow's son back to life. i was prepared to speak on 'giving life for others' and the mass was with the mother theresa sisters.

as i began the mass, glory a two year old girl stood there right in front of me and started smiling at me. whenever i looked at the congregation, we (glory and me) exchanged a smile(usualy we priests find it difficult to smile during mass). while the first reading was going on, an idea struck me. after the Gospel i took glory in my arms(imagine a priest taking a child in his arms, especilly during the mass with his vestments).

i asked the sisters, "what do you see in her". they said, "we see life in her". then i told them, "tell me her story". one of the sisters narrated her story. when she was one year old her mother died of cancer. her father too was sick and could not take care of her. when all the doors were closed, he left her in front of the devasthana, near christ college.

some people noticed glory crying and she was brought to the sisters. if those sisters were not there, will glory smile, will she experience life...? i felt so proud of those sisters... i felt so proud of the Church... i felt so proud of Jesus... so proud of being his disciple. i concluded my homily by appretiating the marvellous ways they give life for others...


Thomson Mathew said...

Dear mathachaa,

thanks for the sharing.
please do share more frequently it is a blessing to hear from you.

what a great way to share the homily !

Jacob Jose said...

I guess this is what happens when we allow Gods creativity work in us rather than sticking to our won "post it" notes.