Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thank Him when u r down?

yesterday, i was feeling completely down and out. When i reached home from work, i was pretty miserable. I saw a book named " Power in Praise" and started reading one of the articles which said about thanking and Praising God for your sinfullness and thanking him for all things that you normally would not. do so.

As i had nothing to loose i decided to do that anyway. I thanked him for all my miserablness and self pity and sinfulness and after sometime it came to thanking about the positives, it seemed I didnt feel miserable anymore. Then i stopped and went for the evening mass. Later in the night i had an opportunity to sit and talk and pray with 2 sets of people, and I should say everything seemed so wonderful. Some of those people had real good experiences of the Lord. I felt so happy!

I never thought that 25 minutes of my heartless thanking (i should say just mere saying aloud thanks just for the sake of it) would turn out so beautiful.

If saying thanks for so dumb things could do wonders in the life of my friends imagine what is the effect of saying thanks with all your heart could do!!!

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