Sunday, September 30, 2007

One prejudice conqured!

There was a time when I struggled to accept Muslims. Pakistan was considered an enemy country and Pakistanis being Muslims made it difficult even to think anything good about them.

In Dubai, I was exposed to Muslims from all corners of the Arab world. I met some extremely amicable and warm people there. I had many colleagues who eventually became great friends. There were 2 Pakistanis, an Iranian, an iraqi, a Lebanese, Sudanese and a Jordanian. All were Muslims expect the Lebanese girl who was a Maronite Catholic.

I have 2 experiences which changed my biased outlook towards Muslims and Pakistanis. Once I went to eat in a pakistani restaurant and sat on a table where there were few Pakistanis. They all looked at me and they knew that I was an Indian. I was a little embarrassed being the only Indian there. I ordered food and the man opposite in white beard smiled at me and I smirked back. After about a minute his food came on the table and with out a second thought he offered his plate of rotis and the gravy dish to me and said, you may please eat from this until your food comes. I was shocked. I did not know how to respond to this humbling act of hospitality. I felt so small.

The second incident happened in Abu dhabi. On arriving there that morning by bus, I walked into a chai shop where many Pakistanis stood relishing the morning tea. They were all cab drivers. I ordered tea and was waiting. The man next to me on receiving his cup of tea offered it to me and told me to take it and he will pick up mine when it comes. What admirable disposition displayed by people whom I once considered antagonistic and arrogant. I realized they too are Gods children, sometimes so much better individuals than myself.

I pray, God give me the grace to see all men alike and with out prejudice

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That changed my perspective : Rajesh