Monday, September 10, 2007

A road to discovery

Well, for me, when I was aked to attend the program, I didn't know what the program was all about. I didn't know the name either. I set off and found out that the way to Discover ain't that easy, yet really enjoyed the roller-coaster ride like how life is supposed to be. Anyway, though I didn't try to discover what it's all about, and though I didn't try to discover anything, I realized that lot of things were unveiling before me through the days.

And one fine day I discovered that 'Discover' is the name of the program when one of our friends tried to discover what the name stood for. And in the meantime, unknowingly, I 'Discovered' many things through fellowships, through sharings, through music, through friends, through nature etc. I felt that the most appealing was the sharing of our married friends, maybe because I was in the thought process of marriage these days.

And more than anything I discovered new roots for the option for poor. Overall it was quite a different experience. And I wish and hope that it wasn't all the end of it. I realy look forward for programs like these in future, not too far, so that we can strive more and more to make the Kingdom of God a reality.


Jacob Jose said...

Binny, nice sharing. Why dont you regularely post some of your personal experiences discovering God unconventionally, like in music, art, others and love

biNx said...

Jacob, I'll try wen i'm in the mood. Lot of things r there in mind to write in my blog too, but can't stop once I start.