Thursday, September 13, 2007

The pain in breaking oneself

In the year 2002, in dubai, when I realized I was leading a very easy and comfortable spiritual journey, I asked God to send me suffering. One morning when I walked into the restaurant to eat, i met a Hindu boy who traveled with me in the bus to office and i joined him at the table. Something prompted me to ask him how his family life was. He opened up and told me that he does not have a place to go back that night and his wife physically assaulted him and has told him not to stay with her anymore. I was staying alone in a room and I told him come and stay with me and he did.

Days passed by. I prayed with him and kept trying to help him to be able to forgive and accept her (as she is) and reconsider his decision to divorce. Despite of my continues efforts, he made no progress and continued to resent his ill fate and endlessly complained. He repeated the same complaints every time we sat down to speak. A month passed and my words did not make any difference to him at all.

I began to go though an ordeal. The thought that all my efforts are not yielding any result broke me completely. I was reduced to zero. I desired to escape from him. In that small room I completely lost my privacy. I told the lord i cant take it any more and He moved out to a new place on his own.

I painfully realized, there is no love with out sacrifice, pain and breaking oneself.

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