Thursday, September 13, 2007

Discovering God in oneself

Have you ever discovered God in yourself? It's high time we stop searching Him outside and discover Him within ourselves. As Christians we often forget our duties not knowing that He lives in us and thereby not giving others an opportunity to discover God.

I'd like to narrate a simple incident when I discovered God in myself. Once, while attending a program, during the tea break, as uaual I was moving around to find lonely souls and met a guy who was sitting all alone sipping his cup of tea. I went to him and started speaking to him. He was so happy, so happy that I can't explain the joy I saw in him. He told me that he was praying to God that someone talked to him. In such a big group of prayerful people he was feeling so lonely. There were so many people around, but all were busy in their own groups. It's a common phenomena that we can see everywhere. We ought to break the barriers and start caring those in need. It need not be a beggar on street, but a rich friend of yours who feels lonely. And you'll discover God in yourself and will see the reflection in their eyes.

Before setting off to do great things in search of God, let's start with small things in our daily lives, and thereby experience Him. Let's start doing what we can before trying to do what we can't.

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