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Deeper & Higher - Focusing on migrants

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Today let’s reflect on ‘Focusing on migrants’
Along with bases in campuses and universities, parishes and work places, Jesus Youth has also spread into the world in the context of modern facilities for travel and migration. The new generation is moving across the world for studies and career prospects. At the same time many others are forced to flee from their homestead for a variety of other reasons. People of God have a special regard for migrants (Gen 12:1-3, Heb 13:14) as it is a special responsibility and a great opportunity. The movement has already made some provision for attending to sections of migrants and it should renew its efforts to be a presence of joy and welcome to people on the move, such as students, job seekers, new city dwellers and those seeking refuge.- From Letter to Jesus Youth

Personal Thoughts:
Courtesy: Siju Mathew

Thanking almighty God for His wonderful deeds amongst us through the years. From the early years of Christianity and human history lots of marvelous things happened and are happening through migrants. These days we can see that only as beautiful leading of the Holy Spirit people keep migrating irrespective of culture, language or any other reason.
For us Jesus Youths it’s created a perfect platform to live the faith and mold the movement as a missionary in its whole nature. And I'm not intimidated to call migration as a lifeline that carved us as we are today and lot more will follow in years to come. Though there are many struggles every migrant go through time to time, the very personal call each one of us received compels us to be united with the church and continue mission for us in the new place.
In my personal view there are two factors that contribute to our new mission land:

1. The effectiveness of the local leadership if any
2. Our own effectiveness that I can call as the personal commitment as a missionary.
The second one leaves us no room for cocooning ourselves with our reasons whatsoever, but get in to a fellowship with the believers around with out disturbing the harmony that exist there. Or it could be a call to start some thing afresh if the promptings of the Holy Spirit does so. No doubt, inviting a spiritual guide in our new battle field will be a shield. Being in constant interaction with the faithful and the protection of their intercession will definitely keep us strong apart from our constants that are dear to us all along.

Prayer (to be repeated throughout the day):
My Lord Jesus help me grow deeper in your love today, each day

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