Thursday, September 17, 2009

Deeper & Higher - personal relationship with Jesus

Today let’s reflect on ‘Challenging ourselves to a deeper, personal relationship with Jesus’
We often say that the most important aspect of our movement is ‘Jesus’ as our name ‘Jesus Youth’ suggests. Yet we must recognize that if we are not vigilant, there is always the danger of our spirituality getting reduced to certain programmes, groups or gestures, which is why we propose an ‘itinerary of holiness’ to help youth walk with Jesus in their everyday lives. The practice of the ‘six pillars’, participation in cells and a steady recourse to spiritual guidance
should support the nurturing of a fresh and dynamic relationship with the Lord. The core concern of the Jesus Youth movement is this ever renewing and ever widening personal walk with Jesus. There is an urgent need to challenge youth to renew and sustain their fidelity to this key element of Jesus Youth spirituality. - From Letter to Jesus Youth

Personal Thoughts:

Courtesy: Jose Thomas(Joji)

For each one of us who call ourselves Jesus Youth, the journey that we are on, started with a personal encounter with Christ. But that was only the beginning, what happened after that is what is most important. The paths that we trod after that, the lives that we touched, the love we shared, all these forms our journey with Christ. There is a very important aspect which determines how far we can go on this journey in this life.
That aspect is, "How much do you know the one who called you?"
Each call of our Lord is a call to step out in faith. Never at the moment of call is it made clear to us what exactly our call is or where it will lead. In our personal encounter with Christ, we were asked to step out in faith and we all did. If we look at people of immense faith like Abraham, Moses or Mother Mary, it’s their knowledge of who is calling them that makes them step out in faith. And its their deep and intimate knowledge of Him, that makes them continue faithfully even in most hopeless circumstances, never doubting a bit about their call or the promises given to them.
For us also to be faithful to our calls, we need to know the one who called us. And just knowing Him would not help to sustain our journey when the storms rage around us and we are not able to see the loving face of our savior. The intimate and true knowledge of our Lord who called us is the only thing that can sustain us through those storms until the morning breaks and brings with it the light of our saviors’ comforting grace. So from this day until the moment we breathe our last breath, and complete the beautiful journey that we started, let us be continuously on a journey of discovery too. A journey of discovery, of the beauty and depth, of the love of our wonderful Lord. Building an everlasting relationship with him. This is what will keep us true to our call until the last breath and beyond, until we come face to face with His majesty.
~ Joji

Prayer (To be repeated throughout the day):
O lord Jesus I desire to know you, to meet you, to be with you… more and more today.

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