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Deeper & Higher - A lifestyle of openness and dialogue

14 Days to Go
How the bamooo Grows!
Did u know? - It takes five years for the seed of a bamboo tree to show any growth above ground, and then it grows to a height of 90 feet in six weeks! Five years of preparation, of putting down roots, of spreading underground, so as to have access to plenty of food. And then, only then, does it take off.

This is an extraordinary fact that requires reflection. The time spent with John the Baptist was preparing the people to meet and follow Jesus. It was like a novitiate. We all need such preparation and formation. The journey moves from information, to formation, to transformation. Surely any failure to grow spiritually in our lives is the result of a lack of genuine preparation, of spiritual formation. To live in the warmth of God's love is a sure and certain way to grow.
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Today let’s reflect on ‘A lifestyle of openness and dialogue’
Jesus Youth movement has always given emphasis to the divine commission to share the Good News of the Kingdom. The growing tendency to withdraw from the world around7 is definitely a great enemy of an active lifestyle of sharing the Gospel. Jesus Youth have an inherent eagerness to welcome and dialogue with everyone they meet. In the midst of the pervading tendency of alienation and suspicion, Jesus Youth should take a special responsibility to seek all opportunities to collaborate with individuals and groups and not be inward looking or sectarian in their living situations – whether it is the Church or the wider society. We must follow the example of our Master who made friends with all kinds of people, even sinners and outcasts. While many express their concern over the ominous growth of violence and corruption, we should be more and more prepared and be open to join hands with other individuals and groups of goodwill and earnest dedication, to build a culture of tolerance and justice, where the seed of the Kingdom can be sown.- From Letter to Jesus Youth

Personal Thoughts:
Courtesy: Mathew Joseph
Sometimes God's ways are bit funny…
The powerful God who created heaven and earth...
The One who made everything perfect...
Why He need our help to share the Gospel to the world?
Why can't He make everyone followers of Jesus?
May be God wants us to take part in His creation work…
He is expecting us to join Him so that we together create the kingdom of God.
Isn't it a great expression of God's love for us?
He is reaching out and collaborating with sinners like you and me!!
That's God's love....

Jesus went about doing good (Acts 10:38).
He was sensitive to the needs of the people around...
He made friends with all kinds of people, even sinners and outcasts.
Sharing the good news and healing them.

We are called to be the light of this world giving Jesus to the people around us.
Every opportunity to share Jesus requires us to reach out to people.
Understanding their needs and problems.
Sharing the Gospel as a solution to their problems is a challenge.
That is the challenge God wants us to take today…

Prayer (to be repeated throughout the day):
My Lord My God, make me your humble instrument of love.

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