Monday, September 14, 2009

Deeper & Higher - Response of the movement to the world around

As we prepare ourselves for the JY regional conference named "Deeper and Higher" happening in Christ University on Oct 2,3 & 4 lets reflect on the spiritual theme for the conference for the coming few weeks. The scriptural theme for the conference is “Put out into the deep”, Luke 5:4.
Continuing on our objective to ‘deepen our spiritual life’ on the back drop of this regional conference lets reflect on our next element which will help us’ Put out into the deep’.

Today let’s reflect on ‘the response of the movement to the world around’
Every Christian has a serious responsibility to reflect about and act upon the world around in the light of the Gospel (Lk 12: 55, 56). The mystery of the Incarnation, and Passover, through which God has lovingly united the world and its history to himself, bequeath on every Christian the duty to work together for progress and peace in the world. As Jesus Youth is a missionary movement, we ought to be creative designers of peace by getting involved in the affairs of the world. Our movement, with its focus on youth, has a special duty to challenge young people not to make use of the groups and activities to withdraw into their comfort zones and escape from their duties and responsibilities, but to inspire and guide them to be responsible and loving neighbours(Lk 10:29). This challenge is especially relevant in a fast changing, success-oriented culture where ‘personal achievement’ and ‘personal satisfaction’, both spiritual and material, often form the entire focus of one’s busy schedule. For many, even prayer life and personal spirituality are very much coloured by this holy self-centeredness, often turning spirituality into a set of external exercises and pious activities that do not influence their lives or relationships in a deeper way - From Letter to Jesus Youth

Personal Thoughts:
A question we need to answer now – Am I a Levite who passed by the wounded person, or the priest who was busy with His pious activities which supposedly pleased God or the good Samaritan who truly showed love beyond borders. Yes we all are called to be good Samaritans where ever we are. May be I am walking through the crowded streets of S G Palaya, or working in ITPL, or stuck in the electronic city traffic jam or studying in MCC or any nursing college or teaching or marketing where ever I am, am I called as a JY to be a living 5th Gospel for my fellow brethren.
Why are our faces saddened after lot of prayers? Where is the joy of praying? Aren’t we still a joyful contradiction. I think the time has come for prayerful actions. The time is right for us to come out of our own 4 cornered comfort rooms and step out into the world as living message of love of Christ.
There is a great famine for love in Bangalore. May our prayers result in love and our love in fruitful actions. I believe we all are called to be a pro-lifer, an intercessor, a lover wherever we are and this is not limited to just our prayer warriors from intercession team or pro-life ministry members. Every JY is called by Lord to this kind of joyful life which contradicts the saddened cynical masked life of the world. Ask any one outside – How are you and the answer is audio taped – I am fine? Are they really? Or are we robots who are taught to say that all is fine with us (a mask).
Are we ready to unmask, unlearn the wrong and wear the mask of Jesus Love & Joy and show the same to others? When God closes one door he opens many so let’s find the many open doors in our life to go out to the world with Christ’s good news.

Prayer (To be repeated throughout the day):
O lord Jesus make me pro-life.
O Mother Mary pray that I become an intercessor just like you.


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Very thoughtfull post on personal achivement. It should be very much helpfull

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