Saturday, September 12, 2009

Deeper & Higher - JY a growing sense of hope

As we prepare ourselves for the JY regional conference named "Deeper and Higher" happening in Christ University on Oct 2,3 & 4 lets reflect on the spiritual theme for the conference for the coming few weeks.

The scriptural theme for the conference is “Put out into the deep”, Luke 5:4. I would like to go back to the Letter to Jesus Youth dated 23rd March 2008 prepared by the JY international team which highlights the various aspects of putting out into the deep.
At the heart of the Jesus Youth movement is its special call to offer a relevant spiritual response to the fast paced, constantly changing, multi-ethnic world of today. Such a response can proceed only from deep reflection and a clear discernment of the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Thus the focus of ‘Deeper and higher’ remains mainly on two aspects - “Deepening of our spiritual lives” and “Strengthening of our Mission”.

Today lets reflect on JY as a ‘A growing sense of hope’.

The youth that are involved in the Jesus Youth movement and those who come into contact with them tell the story of a fresh discovery of hope. Through the movement ordinary youth from diverse backgrounds receive a life changing experience of Jesus and are transformed into active Christians with a sense of mission in life. It is heartening to note that Church hierarchy and leaders of society often express a growing sense of hope and expectation about what the movement can offer to the Church and society. This expression of support and encouragement, especially from the Church hierarchy, while a source of much consolation, is also an awesome responsibility, calling us to be faithful to the guidance of the Church and to fulfil our duties as active players in the growth of the society around(Lk 12:48) – From Letter to Jesus Youth .

Personal Thoughts:
Many times in my life I have felt that things I do is just because someone expects me to do this or a great responsibility lies on me to complete the action.Jesus and His Church have laid a great responsibility on us and not only has He given us this responsibility but also has equipped us with power of the Holy Spirit from above to carry it out.
The greatest challenge you and me face on a personal front day in day out is the responsibility of being holy & faithful to our master in this seductive world. The world is calling from newspaper, internet, peers, and media to a life of pleasure and fun compromising without any hesitation the good handed over to us by Jesus our Lord. The battles are more personal I feel than social. For me personal spiritual battles are fiercer than community one’s. Let’s pray for personal holiness.
Today let’s reflect on these thoughts and make a prayer of Holiness.

Prayer (To be repeated throughout the day):
O lord Jesus through the power of your precious blood make me Holy and pure like you!


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