Monday, July 7, 2008

99 Ballo0ns

Just a week before my 23rd birthday here I am standing at the end of the 22nd mile of my life.A mile with well planned dividers,beautiful trees on the road side,potholes & muddy stretches.As I stand at the crossroads looking at the 23rd mile,here I am looking back and looking ahead.If you would ask me If I see a narrow 23rd mile or wider mile ,my answer would be that I dont know!I prefer a narrow road since it gives me only one option - concentrate and focus on the road ahead where a small lapse of concentration can be crucial whereas wider roads can be quite misleading,they seem to be easy but are not !Well 22nd or 23rd their will be no end on my philosophies ,they are like Navjot Singh Sidhu's laughter factory -keeps on coming,nonstop!
I am one of those kinds who hate celebrating Birthdays.Donno why I feel slightly embarrassed when people wish me on my birthday ! Cant seem to recollect from where/when I picked up this feeling of discomfort.But lately I have come to realize the importance of birthdays.I have an identity, I have a name ,I am a person and I was born on a particular day few years back.The beauty of birthday stems from the fact that it is the day of remembrance when Life was given to me as a gift by my God.Just imagining I could have been killed by my Parents on that day or even before that, as many parents across the world do ,which we call abortion .The number of Lives lost on a single day due to abortion is quite scary.I am thankful to my parents who loved me and gave me life as a symbol of their love.I am thankful to God for giving me my parents.Thank yo dad & thank you mom.....Dad hope you are doing well with God ! I at this moment wish to thank the unseen,unknown Doctors & nurses who were instrumental in bringing me into this place called - Earth !
I would like you all to watch this video called '99 Balloons'- my tribute to mom & dad !


Joji said...

Dear Thomson,
Wish you a beautiful birthday. May it be filled with blessings, joy and peace showered from our beloved lord. You are a precious gift to this world from Him. Continue to spread the cheer and joy that the Lord has filled you with.

The video was beautiful. It really touched my heart.

Our prayers are with you today in a special way and all through. God Bless

Jose, Rani, Maria, Ann Joel, George

jekob said...

My dear thompson. Too good. very touching..