Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daddy will keep you going !!

Came across this video, of a Dad and son.

A small glimpse of how Our Dad loves us and keeps us going. The race they are running is a really tough one. Infact, its called The IRONMAN. You can read more about the triathlon here

If you wanna know more about the Dad and son in the video, click here for their story.
And, if viewing is more of your style, heres the video.
And this is their website

Truly, My Redeemer lives!

This Dad and Son duo also brought to light another concept i always struggled with - How can God use our weaknesses to show his power?

Now its beginning to dawn on me.


Joji said...

Wonderful post again. Just left me feeling great about being a a father, also made my resolve for striving to be a wonderful father. That is the story of a human father and his love made me awe stuck. How much more is my heavenly fathers love and how much more for me to understand that love ....

Thanks once again for these wonderful posts

Love and prayers Jose

jekob said...

Now I know how I reached here.(pause...ponder...) We go places because we have DAD who believes we are worth it.