Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lk 23.43 Sunday reflections from our dear Father Tom

If we want to weed out all the bad, the weeds, we see, soon there would be no one left as we all, even the best of us, are weeds sometime or other. Imagine if God were to have blasted Saul of Tarsus when he was first persecuting the Christians. Or Peter were to have been annihilated when he denied Jesus! God waited for the right moment to convert both. This is the story of all of us. Sometimes we are weeds, sometimes we are wheat. Because of our human weakness, our decision today can be overturned tomorrow. It is not so for pure souls like the angels. They rebelled once and were thrown out of heaven as their decision was final. But not for us human beings. So as long as we are on earth, we can turn to wheat or weeds. Only after death, there is no more change. The state we die in is the final choice we make and that remains fixed. The "good" thief was a weed all the while until he met Jesus on the cross and he crossed over and became a wheat and marched right into heaven with Jesus (Lk 23.43). Tom


Thomson Mathew said...

Yes Fr.Tom good thought!
"If the greatest sinner on earth should repent at the moment of death and draw his last breath in an act of love,neither the many graces he had abused,nor the many sins he had committed would stand in his way.Our Lord would receive him into his mercy"(St.Therese of Lisieux)

jekob said...

Dear Fr. Tom, This is a wonderful reflection. I look forward to it every Sunday. Your reflection reiterates that we ought to live like sons of our father and not like slaves. We are created above the angels. That identity of an offspring of the almighty is the key factor that drove Jesus and it must drive us too to bring HIS kingdom down.