Monday, July 28, 2008

My Daddy strongest !!

There used to be a commercial for a cooking oil, where the kids would talk about their Dad, and how strong their Dad was.. I absolutely loved the tagline - " My Daddy Strongest!"

I've been very close to my Dad( earthly dad), he's been more of a friend to me.
Dad had his own business, and from a very young age, on every school holiday, I'd set off with him.Of all of us sons, I'm quite sure I probably spent the most time with him.

Imagine my surprise that even with a father like him, I still longed a Fathers love.
This realisation dawned only when I came to the Lord, and came to experience Our Heavenly Fathers love.Words are too few to describe those tender moments, and the assurance of knowing that you are safe in the arms of your Father.

Here's a video that I found really inspiring. Especially in those innumerable moments of weakness and falls.

Truly, "My Daddy Strongest!!!" ... rather " Our Daddy Strongest!!"

In the Fathers love



Joji said...

Wonderful. It really touched me. I needed those words at this time when I am trying to reach a deeper level of understanding and discovery of HIM and his love./ Keep posting let each of us keep the others encouraged and on the path of the discovery of that great love

Love Jose

jekob said...

Aju, Real nice post. Off late I have been doing some research on the father Heart of God. The divine Love. I believe, to be an earthly father that is the only sure fire working model to bring up a Jesus like son. Do post often.