Thursday, July 31, 2008

Change we can believe in

"Change" may sound like a medeocer slogan for an election campaign but Obama(the most likely candidate to be the next president of US)carried it with grace and won his democratic party campaign against Hilary Clinton.Folks I am not here to beat my political drum but here to say that 'CHANGE' is so key in all of us at all times,right?
I very clearly remember my first retreat in 2003 precisely february 8th at Holy Trinity ashram(Engg DTP) where the welcome & ice breaker session was led by Mr.Jose Sebastian(RIT) and the first question he asked all the participants was the expection that they had and what they wanted from the 8 day DTP.Most of them including me said the same word 'CHANGE'.May be i told it that time coz it was more conveniant to repeat what my other fellow participants were telling.But as of today that very word 'CHANGE' still lurks around ,I still need a change in heart to be closer to God, a change in heart to experience Dad's love more closely.A change happened in my life in february 2003 but the change was more superficial but as I spent more time in God's work I sense a strong urge of a deeper change in myself , a deeper change to believe that God will carry me on his back and will win for me the races of earth & of heaven,a deeper change to believe that my true redeemer lives in me.

And change is not far away it is very near,just few metres deep inside your heart!Just to show what change can bring about -if you have observed this blog I just changed the background colour to 'Light Blue'and now the blog looks brighter than ever before and more energetic(in my eyes).

Without CHANGE there is no future
Without future there is no present
Without present there is no past
Without past there is no life
Without life there is no God
My Lord My God,CHANGE me!

Having said all this the only thing that has not changed from the beginning of creation is 'God's' LOVE toward us and Expecting no CHANGE on that front till end of days & forever.AMEN !


Joji said...

Wonderful reflection , little by little day by day .. we go on. On the long and wonderful journey to our beloved's likeness till one day we meet him face to face and on that day if I was transformed fully into his likeness, how wonderful it would be ..

Love and Prayers Joji :-)

jekob said...

che inch (6 inches in hindi). "Change" how ever small, is necessary to unlearn what we have already learned to learn more.

Like through a camera lense we see more as we change (the zoom or the angle) When we are able to see everything, thats when we become nothing. For christian to be nothing is everything.